Recent Question/Assignment

The parameter I have chosen , is Bulk modulus K. my aim is to give an outline of the bulk modulus and what it represents. Also to do some analysis and comparison.
I want to do the introduction and the literature review. 6 pages would be enough for this assignment.
2: Contents of the Report
It is suggested that a research report contain the following contents.
Title Page
A title page should include your name, student ID, e-mail address, subject, date and title of the research.
Executive Summary
This is a brief summary of your work. Describe the topic, research method, and the results.
The following six parts should be covered in the report. Some suggestions on information/work for every part are given for your reference.
(1) Introduction
What is your topic? Why is it important/useful for engineering practice? What are you going to achieve in your research? How are you going to perform your research?
(2) Literature review
Through the review, you will have a good understanding/knowledge of your research topic. Some important works on the topic and the conclusions/results of these works should be included. Experimental data and theories/equations useful for your research should be reviewed briefly. Definitions of all parameters used in the report should be introduced.
(3.): Your own work on the topic
Experimental data and theories/equations that you are going to use in your research should be introduced in details. Perform your analyses/computations/comparisons based on the knowledge/methods/equations you have learnt on the topic. For an example, you may study some experimental data, work out the values of parameters that are meaningful in engineering practice, or solve/investigate practical problems.
The results/conclusions based on your work.
(4): Discussions on potential applications of the research result
Based on the result of your work, demonstrate how this result/knowledge be used to solve some problems in geotechnical engineering. Give a couple of examples and analyse, or explain the applications in details. The detailed solution/computation may not be needed.