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TOPIC 2 - Literature review

Imagine that a line manager has asked you, a hiring expert, for advice about two of the following sets of job performance predictors:

1. Application forms, training and experience evaluations, reference checks
2. Weighted application blanks and biographical data
3. The selection interview
4. Ability tests
5. Personality assessment
6. Performance tests and assessment centres
7. Another topic or topics of your choosing (please check your proposed topic with the subject coordinator first to ensure you choose a practical, researchable topic).

Use a total of about 10 (ie 5 references per topic), but a minimum of 6 recent academic* sources (ie 3 per topic) to advise the line manager about recent research on this topic that will be of practical interest to him or her. In addition, please tell the line manager whether the new research reveals any potential ethical issues about the topic. (By ethical issues, I mean ways in which someone might be treated unfairly, or other ways in which something morally wrong might happen.) If the answer is yes, suggest what needs to be done to avoid these ethical problems.
Note 1: this assignment requires you to investigate additional sources beyond those referred to in the textbook. The idea is for you to go to library sources and find out about the most recent research, debates, or even scandals about your selected issues and tell the manager what he or she can learn from this. Some international students have done some particularly fine research on, for example, how well specific selection techniques could be expected to work in their home countries.
Note 2: For the ethical side of the question you do not need to find additional references. You can use the readings from week 2 to help you think about potential ethical issues that arise from the topic, or simply think about the topic yourself from an ethical perspective and reach your own conclusions.

Note 3: This topic is NOT easier to do well than topic 1 (the organisational critique).