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Task description
This assignment will consist of a research proposal.
Taking the topic you have chosen, and using our feedback, revise what you have written for the Assessment 1 & 2 using the following structure:
1. An introduction consisting of a description of your research topic and research statement (in total no more than 3-4 sentences)
2. A set of research aims (1) objectives (2-5 in bullet points ) (should be no more than half a page
3. A description of the literature (rewritten from your literature review, if necessary, and précised into half a page)
4. A methodology section (about 5 pages, including):
a. Method chosen and why
b. Participants (who, where)
c. Sample size and sampling frame (how many, justification)
d. The type of data analysis needed
5. Discussion of the ethical issues involved and how you will deal with them
6. Timeline for the research (1/2 page)
7. What kind of stakeholder, community participation you will undertake (1/2 page)
8. Dissemination strategy (1/2 page)
9. Importance of the research (1 page).
The research proposal should be NO MORE THAN 8 PAGES LONG. It should be followed with a reference list (it may now include more than the 10 you previously used).
Assessment criteria
• Relevance of your work
• Work responds directly to the assigned task (see 1-5 above)
• Evidence of critical reflection and growth in understanding
• Conclusions are supported by evidence and argument
• Intellectual coherence of your work
• Logical flow of ideas
• Presentation is clear and concise
• Referencing is accurate
• Free from plagiarism'
Things to remember with regard to content:
• Have you clearly revised your one page research statement?
• Is your methodology section comprehensive and complete?
• Does the method chosen fit the topic?
• Is your timeline realistic for what you are trying to achieve
• Is your community/stakeholder consultation adequate?
• Is your whole assignment well structured, succinct and lucidly written, with correct syntax and spelling?
• Have you properly assessed the importance of the research?
• Is your assignment correctly referenced? The five papers and any others that you mention must be cited in either APA or ICMJE (‘Vancouver’) style.

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