Recent Question/Assignment

Please find the details of the app below:
1. Title: CallRecord
2. Type: Social
3. Short description:
A simple UI - just touch the mic to start recording and touch again to pause. An embedded player is provided to play your recording instantly. The quality of the app is HD audio recording using 16 bit/8 bit PCM encoding.
Adjust the volume gain of the microphone can be done using the volume buttons of the phone.
Simple file manager to manage and organise your default folders and can be accessed by the user at any time to check and play the recordings. This app records from background so the user interface is having an easy access to both the calling functions as well as the features of the app.
These recordings can be shared via email, whatsapp, Dropbox, etc. from the database of recordings. The app helps the user to control your recording from everywhere using an in-built status bar. You can also set your recording as default ringtone/notification tone or alarm
The user can also delete/share multiple files at a time.
4. Ingredients ( At least 4 ingredients has to be implemented)
The call recordings and various audio clips will be stored and can be accessed through the app at users perusal.
Ingredient 2: Ti.Media
The media module will be used to access the device’s media functions, in this case playing the media files, recording the audio calls through microphone.
Ingredient 3: Ti.Contacts
Contacts can be accessed and show which contact has a recording stored in the database.
Ingredient 4: Ti.Filesystem
The filesystem will be used to access the files and directories where the audio recording is stored on the device.
Ingredient 5: Ti.Ui.OptionDialog
Option dialog is created in the app to let the user select to record the call, save the call recording and cancel/quit the call recording.
Note: The app is to be done in Titanium Appcelerator environment and the code has to be in JAVA SCRIPT.