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ISYS324 Business Analysis
Semester 2, 2017 Assignment Task 2
In this assignment, you will be expected to assist with the planning of this project as a junior business analyst. You will be expected to use appropriate methods, tools, and applications to systematically analyse the given case study. This assignment is to assess your practical skills to apply the knowledge acquired to create viable specifications and acceptance test criteria in preparation for new or changed processes within an organisation. Your role in this project to do the following tasks:
1. Identify stakeholders
2. Conduct stakeholder analysis – objectives and business requirements
3. Produce plans for Quality assurance testing
A. Specification of Requirements
1 Project preliminaries (entire Project)
2 System Services (entire problem space)
a. scope of the system (context diagram and description) (entire problem space)
b. functional requirements
i. use case model (entire problem space)
ii. use case narratives(entire problem space)
iii. activity model-activity diagrams ( 2-4 activities)
c. data requirements (ER diagram, data dictionary) (entire problem space)
d. non-functional requirements (description of the requirements) (entire problem space)
B. Specification of acceptance criteria
1 Quantification of business benefits (descriptions of solutions options and benefits ) (entire Problem space)
2 Specification of acceptance criteria (description of users’ acceptance test criteria) (corresponding criteria for activity diagrams)
3 Produce plans for Quality assurance testing (Traceability Matrix) a) (corresponding
criteria for each activity diagrams)