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Assessment 1 Reflective Essay based on EQ Result
Topic Reflective Essay based on Emotional Intelligence exercise
Complete the quiz at:
Length 1500 words (excluding references)
Weighting 20%
Due Date Week 4 – 11 October 2017
Type of Collaboration Individual assessment
Marking Criteria Critical Analysis (60 Marks)
Demonstrated understanding key concepts of reflection.
Critical and independent reflection of one Optimal or Proficient and one Vulnerable or Cautionary area.
Examination and analysis of each reflective situation, together with learnings from the reflection.
Directly engages theory and argument with the relevant literature on the topic.
Conclusion clearly linked to concepts developed in the paper.
Research Depth (30 Marks)
Demonstrates evidence of planning and selection from appropriate sources and experiences to support your reflection.
Relevance of references cited – recent (primarily post 2005 and relevant to the assignment topic)
Quality of references cited with the prime source being academic journals (including source reliability indication for any websites used as a reference).
All references in correct Harvard format within the essay and in the Reference List. References included in TurnItIn submission.
Presentation (10 Marks)
Use of appropriate reflective writing style. As this is a reflection the use of personal pronouns is acceptable (e.g. use of 'I').
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Quality of argument (well structured, logical and coherent).
Use of required essay format.
Correctness of grammar, punctuation, spelling and other 'mechanics' of writing.
Adherence to word limit.
Style and Format Your essay should be:
• Typed
• Doubled spaced (this allows for feedback via the TurnItIn Grademark facility).
• Use correct essay format (Note: no abstract is required).
• 10-12-point font with 2.5 cm margins.
• References in correct Harvard format.
• The essay must be uploaded in Moodle in the Assessment 1 TurnItIn folder.
Assessment Submission Online Via site
Detailed Information REFLECTIVE ESSAY
An emotional intelligence EQ map exercise will be presented in the lecture, and a copy of the exercise will also be posted to the subject Moodle site. You should aim to complete the EQ map exercise by the end of Week 2.
Based on your own emotional intelligence EQ Map select
• one of your result areas that is rated highly
• one of your result areas that is ranked either Vulnerable or Cautionary, i.e an area that needs development
For each of the selected results reflect on a work related experience that would link to that result. This reflection can be based on any type of work that you have undertaken - whether paid or unpaid. You should use the reflective strategy discussed in the lecture together with the support materials provided on the subject Moodle site.
Support your reflection with some references to recent and relevant academic journals (using a minimum of 5 references of which 3 MUST be academic journal references) supported by other relevant and reliable sources. Include the reason why resources outside of academic journals are used.
As this is a reflective essay about you the essay should not be written in the third person style. Instead, it is acceptable to use the word -I- when writing a reflective essay.