Recent Question/Assignment

? Your team is appointed as project planners for a Major Public Hospital Facility in Outer Western Melbourne “Western Premier Medical Centre”
? Details are provided in the accompanying document, but in summary, your group is required to develop the overall planning from 1Jul17 when the Community Consultation and Scope Definition is to begin.
? Timing of the various phases is shown in the document headings
? The project plan is to include the following elements (details in document):
• Community Consultation and Scope Definition (1Jul17 to 31Jan17)
• Definition of Project Brief (1Feb17 to 31May19)
• Initiation Stage (1Jun19 to 30Apr20)
• Project Execution Phase – following State Government Approval (1May20 to 30Apr22)
• Commissioning, Startup and Operation of Hospital Stage 1, Start of Planning of Hospital Stage 2 (1May22 to 30Apr23)
• Stage 1 Project Closure (1Nov22 to 31Jan23)
??Suggested detailed activities are listed in the Assignment Document. These can be modified and others can be added if the team believes they will enhance the plan.
??STAGE 1: Preliminary Planning Work, including:
• Method Statement, known here as the Basis of Schedule (BoS) - as described
• Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),
• Organisation Breakdown Structure (OBS) and
• Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) – combination of WBS & OBS
• List of tasks for each element of the WBS / RAM, with approx. durations
• Identify the different types of calendars that will be required for the project, with brief descriptions of each
• A manual Precedence Diagram Method chart or Gantt Chart
• A list of assumptions and exclusions used for the project
• A list and cost of resources
• A budget and cost forecast per WBS element
Prepare brief typed report, titled Basis of Schedule, with appended diagrams No proceeding to Stage 2 without written approval
? STAGE 2: Computerised Planning Work, using MSP or P6, including:
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
• List of tasks for each element of the WBS / RAM, with durations
• The project calendars used for the project, with explanatory titles/descriptions
• A Precedence or Network Diagram chart showing project logic
• A Gantt Chart including columns for predecessors and successors
• A list of assumptions and exclusions used for the project
• A list and cost of all resources (Project team and subcontracted)
• A budget and cost forecast
• A cost S-curve (time distribution of project costs) using the software
• Typed, detailing all computerised planning work, with appendices as above
• Including Basis of Schedule, Stage 1 & Stage 2 of the Assignment
??Make your task durations as realistic as you can: