Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Research Paper - Industry linked case study 40%
Assessment Objectives:
Based on the current Premium/Luxury Brand landscape, research the premium brand management and marketing aspects of MIU MIU.
1. Assessment Instructions:
Using Secondary Research, explore MIU MIU that operate in an international context.
Research MIU MIU brand and proceed to conduct discovery in the following areas: (THOSE POINT MUST INCLUDES IN THE PAPER)
• The Management practices and marketing mix strategy used of MIU MIU
• Overview of MIU MIU and their positioning strategy as a premium/luxury brand
• Innovative practices conducted (including sustainability)
• The extent to which the above elements have contributed to the success of the brand
You will be assessed on the following requirements:
- Accurate identification of management practices depicted in researched case study. Accurate and in-depth coverage of marketing mix strategy used for MIU MIU (4ps) 10%
Strategic thinking: the ability to have a defined vision, foresight and orientation towards long-term brand benefits.
Creativity: the ability to use imagination, resourcefulness and innovation in creating and designing brand elements.
Clarity: a clear idea of everything MIU MIU stands for, both for the company and for the target customers.
Consistency: a uniform approach in designing every aspect of the brand and in delivering every communication regarding the brand.
- Ability to tie in frameworks of differentiation and positioning strategies as applied by the brand MIU MIU with accompanying researched examples of practice 10%
- Highlight and discuss innovative and or sustainable practices used in one or more of MIU MIU marketing mix, and or positioning strategies 10%
- Evaluation of the overall marketing and management practices and strategies that have contributed to the brand’s premium and or luxury status (MUST comparative analysis with other brands, AT LEAST CHOOSE 1 BRAND TO COMPARE WITH MIU MIU) 10%
3. Submission Requirements:
• The submission should be no more than 2000 words (+/- 10%, not including bibliography/appendices)
• This assessment may be uploaded to Turnitin for an originality report. Any submissions that have more than 15% similarity will need to be redone.
4. Learning Outcomes addressed:
• Distinguish luxury, prestige and premium concepts or brands within the retail fashion and textile industry.
• Investigate and examine brand image, culture and vision within the global fashion and textile industry.
• Identify and differentiate between innovative practices within the sector.
• Critically analyse marketing management decision making for premium fashion brands.