Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2: Presentation: Applied Entrepreneurial Practice 40%
Assessment Overview:
Write an individual report on NET-A-PORTER (the world’s premier? luxury fashion destination). You will then present a summary of this report to class.
Assignment instructions:
The individual research report is your opportunity to explore prospective applications of innovation and entrepreneurial practices within a specific sector of the fashion and textile industry.
For this evaluation the following principles should be considered: (THOSE POINT MUST INCLUDES)
- Business concept innovation of NET-A-PORTER
- Business model development of NET-A-PORTER
- Entrepreneurial culture or spirit within the workplace of NET-A-PORTER
- Methods to measure innovation and entrepreneurial performance of NET-A-PORTER
You should then reflect on the various strategies and approaches that have been used and applied to the industry sector to determine your overall assessment of the innovative and/or entrepreneurial nature of the company NET-A-PORTER
Once you have developed the topic of your research, you should notify your Lecturer for advice, feedback and assistance with possible information sources.
Read the Red part carefully to apply and do the correct way for this paper!!!
The following criteria must be included:
This is a formal academic written assessment. As such, it must be structured in an appropriate format that both conveys the topic of discussion and reflects what is being discussed.
The assessment should consist of:
1. Cover page
2. Table of Contents
3. Synopsis/ Executive Summary
4. Introduction
5. Body of discussion
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography
8. Appendices if required
Visual references should be used where relevant and electronic files made as small as possible.
The presentation to your class should be a summary of your report utilising PowerPoint or similar as your main presentation tool.
The verbal presentation should be 6 slides and must be referenced accordingly.
Marking criteria:
You will be assessed on the following requirements: (REPORT MUST COVER ALL THOSE POINT)
• Depth of topic – research and reference material 8%
• Relationship to innovational and entrepreneurial practices 5%
• Evaluation and critique of the topic 8%
• Development of the argument/ topic of discussion 8%
• Use of example and applications of theory 5%
• Presentation – quality of slides and presentation techniques 6%
Note: Plagiarism could result in failure of the unit.
Submission information/checklist:
- Work is to be logically organised, submitted electronically and each page should be identified with the student’s name and student identification number.
- Meet the required word count of 1500 words (+/-) 10%
- Size 12 Arial Font
- 1.5 line spacing and margins of 2.5cm
- Use appropriate academic language including APA referencing.
- Include a minimum of 15 references from varied sources (including textbooks, journals, case studies, magazines, the Internet, utilise various library Databases, etc.).
- Note late assessments attract a penalty of 5% per working day, for up to 5 working days after which the mark will be zero.