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Design a cooling system for a 120kW petrol-power electric generator
Helping students getting familiar with the design process in general and heat exchanger design in particular
From the given tasks, students will need to set their own design constraints based on the task description. Reasonable assumptions regarding temperatures, pressures, working fluids and their properties can be made based on reliable data and resources. Calculations must be done using computers and a calculation package i.e.: Excel, Matlab, Mathcad, Smath… Drawings must be done in AutoCAD.
• The report must be well-structured. The problem statement, operating conditions and parameters, technical drawings, and other reasonable assumptions must be included. Wikipedia, Ehow, HowStuffWorks, Google, and other similar websites are not accepted as references.
• The report has to be readable and understandable to someone who has a scientific
background but is not familiar with your task.
• A word processing package must be used to produce the report. Mathematical equations must be professionally typed and presented. Calculations done via third party software must be included in the report as an appendix(es).
• Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet, other papers, or your peers) will receive
substantial penalties and will be recorded in the system.

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