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Assessment 3: Major essay (40%)
Overview of the task
Task: Major Essay
Length: 1200 words
Due Date: Friday 9th June
Details of the task
Assessment Task Three: Major Essay (1200 words – 40%):
In your final essay, you will demonstrate your understanding of the sociological approaches introduced in the first four weeks of the unit, as well as your understanding of social inequalities relating to class, ethnicity and gender, to analyse an aspect of contemporary social life as covered in the latter part of the unit. Drawing upon the relevant lectures, readings and tutorial discussions from across the unit as a whole, write an academic essay presenting a thoughtful, informed and researched response to one of the following questions:
1 What kind of changes have occurred in Australian family life since the mid-twentieth century? What social forces have contributed to these changes?
2 Do you agree that the cultural elements of a country, including its history and immigration, give rise to a distinct style of religious expression? Discuss in relation to contemporary Australia.
3 Furze at al. suggest that media is important in creating community and identity. How has this changed in the digital era? Discuss.
4 How does thinking sociologically help us to understand the role(s) and significance of sport or leisure in contemporary Australia?
5 To what extent are citizens in Australia able to bring about political change? What are the mechanisms for this, and what are the barriers?
Your final academic essay builds upon the thinking and writing completed for the first and second assessment tasks, and will be marked according to the following criteria:
• Demonstrated understanding of sociological ideas and concepts covered in the unit
• Demonstrated engagement with relevant unit content from lectures, tutorials and set reading
• Introduction introduces the topic and states the thesis
• Body of essay develops a clear and logical argument
• Sentences and paragraphs are appropriately structured
• Well researched with evidence presented appropriately so that it supports your argument
• Developing clear and correct expression in a scholarly style and language
• Correctly submitted, proofread and free from errors, and fully and correctly referenced using the Harvard system
The Major Essay should be submitted as a Word document, in 11 or 12 font, and 1.5 or double spaced. The essay needs to have your name, student number, assignment number and the question you are answering indicated on a cover page as the first page of the document. The essay should be fully and correctly referenced according to the Harvard style. Assignments should be carefully proofread prior to submission.
Assessment Submission
Your completed essay should be submitted to the relevant VU Collaborate Dropbox by 9 pm on the due date.
Once you submit your essay, you will be able to see Originality Report (via Turnitin), which you can use to improve your essay based on the report.

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