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Course Name: Communication
Due Date: October 11,2017.
Word limit: 250
Assignment Detail:
Writing well can be difficult, but it can be even more difficult when you have to convey complex technical information.
For this discussion forum, I would like you to explain a topic related to grammar or spelling IN YOUR OWN WORDS in a friendly, conversational manner. Your aim is to explain the topic so that people can understand it very easily.
Hints and tips:
Consider how to introduce the topic in a way that will capture your audience's interest. We call this using a -hook.- You could use a short anecdote (little story from your own experience), ask a question, or give an interesting historical fact. Set the information in context if you can.
Pay attention to how you organize your information. Keep your paragraphs short. It may be helpful to use examples or bulleted or numbered lists.
If you use any direct quotations, put them in quotation marks. If you know how to do APA citations and references, include APA citations and reference. If you don't know how to do APA citations and references yet, include the URLs of any sources you used at the end of the post. We will learn APA next week.
Choose a short, manageable topic, e.g., split infinitives, the Oxford comma, how to remember how to spell chose vs. choose, etc.. Pick a topic no one else has discussed already
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Grammar Basics