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Assessment item 3
Addendum to report on the 7 Eleven case
Value: 35%
Due date: 09-Oct-2017
Return date: 30-Oct-2017
Length: 1,400 words -1+ 10%
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
This assessment extends the analysis that you completed in Assessment 2. You are asked to discuss the implications of the7 Eleven inquiry report for non-union forms of employee representation and bargaining structures in the Australian ER system.
Turn your mind to the following questions:
1. To what extent would non-union forms of employee representation and voice alleviate the issues raised in the case? Support your answer with evidence relating to non-union representation.
2. What changes to bargaining structures in the retail industry do you believe are appropriate to avoid the issues that arose in the 7 Eleven case. Support your answer with reference to relevant evidence regarding the effectiveness of bargaining structures in Australia. You may introduce overseas examples if relevant.
As this assessment extends your work in Assessment 2, it is not necessary to repeat that material in detail. It will be sufficient to provide an overview of the 7 Eleven case and then move into your answer to this assessment task.
This assessment will help you to demonstrate your achievement of the following learning outcomes in HRM523:
• synthesise and apply theoretical frameworks and scholarly research to critically analyse issues relating to the practice of industrial relations in Australia;
• employ academic writing and information literacy skills to produce robust, well-supported argument related to industrial relations issues;
• produce informed, relevant and well-communicated business advice and/or research papers relating to industrial relations issues.
Marking criteria
Marking guide for Assessment 3
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Use the following format for this report.
- Title page, showing the subject and assessment details, your name and student
number, and the word count (this will be checked)
- Table of contents page (not included in the word count)
- Introduction
- Appropriate headings and sub headings, with numbered paragraphs and sub-
- Reference list of sources that have been cited in the report. There is no minimum
number of references. (Fifteen appropriate references is a guide only.)
An executive summary is not required.
The title page, table of contents and reference list page/s are not included in the word count. Everything else is included. Words contained in tables and images are included. Do not use appendices, footnotes or endnotes.
Use 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font.
Marks will be deducted for incorrect referencing and for failure to follow the instructions.