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Assessment item A4
Your Original IMC Plan
Length: 3500 words +/- 10%
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Create an Original IMC plan
Using an Australian organisation one you want develop an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan that will increase its brand awareness by 20%. Your IMC plan can be implemented in a new or existing market (Australian or global market).
You can choose an established organisation, a start-up, or your own business (however ensure you choose an Australian based business). Ensure you include a clearly defined product/service in your report. If the business is a start-up without market presence then focus on gaining initial market share through the targeting of its first customers (e.g. early adopters, beta users, influencers).
As part of your plan you need to identify:
• Communication objectives (What are your key objectives for the campaign?)
• Segments and target market (who are your consumers/customers/clients?)
• “Creative idea” what is your message?
• Positioning Strategy
• Communication strategy Mix (i.e. advertising, sales promotion, etc.) Media Mix (digital, print, social etc.)
• Basic budget concepts (how much will your media/creative messages cost?)
• Evaluation metrics (how will you measure the success? – Brand Awareness needs to be defined through research both before and after the campaign etc.)
Before you finalise the plan obtain feedback from the organisation you are targeting whether directly from employees, founders, owners or in the case of your own start-up an advisor or business mentor. Identify what you have learned or would change on the basis of the feedback provided. Write at least 400 words covering the feedback.

Make sure your IMC plan is well structured with headings and is fluent and interesting to read to ensure time poor executives (CEO/Leadership Team) can understand the key components and actions.
You can use tables, graphics, flowcharts, images, screen-shots, Videos/links and other tools to make this an interesting, concise and easily communicable report that is targeted at your CEO and Leadership team. You will score more points for creativity!
Although there is no budget restriction on this project, you will need to propose a preliminary budget for your IMC Plan, detailing the spend for each channel – A simple table format will suffice.

Learning outcomes addressed in this assessment include:
• being able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications;
• being able to examine and evaluate various elements of a contemporary communication mix;
• being able to critically evaluate marketing communications for a range of organisations and reflect on current organisational marketing by using communications tools; and
• being able to apply theoretical frameworks that integrate various elements of marketing communication to a specific organisation communications problem to develop an IMC plan.

Marking criteria
There are five important elements to be assessed in the assessment:
• The presentation and style of report.
• The effort that went into research and the assessment. Have you answered all parts of the task?
• Creativity shown in developing a communication plan to solve a business problem/opportunity.
• Relating marketing communications theory to practice.
• Demonstrated understanding that marketing communications are not created in a vacuum, so contemporary customer needs and media preferences need to be taken into account.
Please note: For overall grades, marks may be rounded.


In addition, think carefully about the type and style of presentation your organisation and marker might expect and utilise the resources you have available to meet that need.
A holistic, concise, original, and informed report on the outlined tasks.
Ensure your A4 report format is as follows (marks will be deducted unless the following is included):
• Title Page: Subject details, assessment number and topic, your name and ID number.
• Report Title Page - Title of the report, chosen brand, your name, date.
• Executive Summary – A one-page summary of your report written in past tense
• Table of Contents – with page numbers
• Introduction - a brief overview of the report to set the scene – including the type of company and product or service to be marketed
• Task - outlined using headings for report – this should answer the Task requirements and dive into deep discussion
• Conclusion/Summary
• Recommendations
• Reference list – APA Style Appendices (if any)
Note: The word limit does not include your executive summary, tables/figures, appendices or reference list.

Readings: Chapter 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 of textbook Belch, et al, (2014)
Note: A broad range of research is required for this assessment 10+ credible and well-researched/referenced (APA6th Style) is an expectation for A4.

APA Referencing
• requires you to reference in American Psychological Association (APA 6th Edition) referencing style and this applies to all of your assessments for this subject.
Note :
1,you can use Images and Tables
2.Loyality Programe for a product or service which you are choosing