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Assignment 2 Detailed Report Structure
Upper limit word count – 2,500 words (excluding Cover Page, Table of Contents, Bibliography and Appendices (optional)). 10% tolerance in main body,10% tolerance in Appendices (n total allowing an extra 300 words).
Cover Page
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction *
2.0 Possible Product Description
3.0 Filter 1 - Review of the Macro-Environmental Factors
3.1 Political Factors
3.2 Economic Factors
3.3 Socio-Cultural Factors
3.4 Environmental Factors
3.5 Legal Factors
4.0 Filter 2 - General Market Relating to the Possible Product
4.1 Growth Trends for Similar Products In The Allocated Country
4.2 Likely Cultural Acceptance,
4.3 Availability of Market Data Market size
4.4 Stage of Market Development
4.5 Legal and tax issues.
5.0 Filter 3 - Specific Factors Relating to the Product
5.1 Existing and Potential Competition in the Allocated Country
5.2 Ease of Market Entry
5.3 Reliability of Available Information,
5.4 Sales Projections
5.5 Cost of Market Entry
5.6 Probable Product Acceptance
5.7 Profit Potential.
6.0 Filter 4 - Target Markets and Corporate Factors
6.1 Likely Target Market in the Allocated Country
6.2 Detailed Profile of the Target Market
7.0 To Enter or Not To Enter?
8.0 Limitations +
Appendices ^
*Introduction should cover purpose of assignment, assignment structure, note country focused on, note chosen product
+Limitations relate to problems with information collection, information gaps, information analysis, and with interpretation
^ Market/industry analysis using Porters Five Environmental Forces Model (optional) to support material in Filter 3