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Individual business model and plan
Sunday 15th October, by 11.55 40%
pm (Week 11)
2, 5, 9
Submission Details
LMS via Turnitin
Grading Criteria and Feedback
Please see LMS and detailed Grading Criteria below
Description of Task
Prepare a business model & plan for an Australia•based, brand new business venture that you might enter into in the future.
Individual assignment, 2,500 word limit, report format with headings and sub-headings, 1.5 spacing to be used. Make sure that you have also reviewed the additional resources on the LMS about the parts/suggested structure of a good business model and plan.
Suggested structure:
Cover page (please indicate your full name, student ID, class day/time & tutor's name)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (not included in word count)
Section headings
• Introduction (a clear introduction of the business idea, make sure that first time readers can understand your business idea)
• Business Model Canvas
o Customer Segments
o Value Proposition
o Customer Relationships
o Channels
o Key Activities
o Key Resources
o Key Partners
o Revenue Structure
o Cost Structure
o Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
• Feasibility analysis
o Market feasibility
o Technical feasibility
o Human feasibility
o Financial feasibility
References (12-15 references required, at least 40% of the references should be academic, Harvard referencing style)
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