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Assessment 1 – Literature review (30%)
Assessment 1: Literature review
Due Date: This assessment is due on WEEK 9: 2nd October 2017. The assessment is to be submitted via Turnitin (with cover page) by 11:59 AWST
Learning Outcomes: • Critical consideration of a contemporary issue/theme in policing.
• Ability to identify gaps within the literature and appropriate areas for further research.
• Demonstration of appropriate skills in written expression and report writing.
Assessment Instructions: • Select a contemporary issue/theme in policing. The issue/theme you select can be, but does not have to be one that is discussed in lectures.
• Provide a review of empirical literature relevant to this issue/theme. The purpose is to demonstrate to the reader what is currently known about this issue/theme.
• In your conclusion, identify where gaps in knowledge are evident and what future research needs to consider.
• Your review should be no longer than 1,500 words and should include 20 or more references.
Marking • You will be marked according to the following criteria.
1. Content
Depth is not superficial or text-book material
Appropriate use of theory
Appropriate use of research
Use of initiative/imagination
Depth of thought and critical evaluation
2. Structure and organisation of the literature review
Introduction provides a clear overview and signposts
Appropriate organisation of the empirical literature
Focuses on key points and not peripheral detail
An argument or thesis developed, not just descriptive
3. General
Depth of reading
Adherence to APA
Spelling and grammar
Clarity of expression
End text referencing