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1. A theoretical Carnot-cycle engine has an efficiency of 55% and operates at a minimum temperature of 35°C. Determine the maximum cycle temperature and the rate of heat supply for a power output of 2 kW.
2. A Stirling cycle engine works between temperature limits of 600°C and 40°C. What would be the heat input rate per kilowatt of power produced and the overall efficiency of the engine if it has an actual efficiency of 50% of ideal?
3. An oil-fired steam generator is connected to a steam engine, which produces 50 kW of power when using oil of energy content 45 MJ/kg at a rate of 19 kg/h. Steam temperature is 550°C and cooling-water temperature is 25°C.
• The heat-rejection rate (Ml/h)
• The overall efficiency of the plant
• The maximum efficiency attainable by the engine
4. Give a common practical application for each of the following engine types, explain why the particular type has been selected in each case:
• Four-stroke spark-ignition engine
• Two-stroke spark-ignition engine
• Four-stroke compression-ignition engine
• Two-stroke compression-ignition engine
• Fan-jet engine

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