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Building Services
Instructions for Assignment 1: Church Hall Case Study
Weighting Percentage: 25%
This is your first assignment which should be delivered individually before 6 September 2017
and carries 25% of your final mark. The Church Hall is a real case which helps you to get
involved with designing and accommodating building services for a non-complex building.
Purpose and learning outcomes:
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding and obtained knowledge of
the types of building services, accommodating building services in design and construction
stage, understanding documentation for building services and related regulations.
You can find related drawings in the designated folder “Assignment 1 Drawings and
Information” in Week 1 at the Moodle.
Required tasks and activities:
1. Propose required building services and explain your reasons and alternatives
2. Identifying all related standards and regulations and explain how you apply them in
the design and construction stages
1. A written report covering above mentioned tasks and activities (min. 3000 words
excluding tables and figures, single space, font 12 Times New Roman).
Assessment criteria:
Clear coverage of all points, Appropriate illustrations, Demonstration of understanding with
in-depth details.