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Pointers for BCS 4 BOQ Assignment 2
? This assignment requires you to produce an industry standard Priced Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the provided case study.
? You can fill in the estimated schedules with pricing referenced from Rawlinsons and other industry sources.
? Remember to think about the kinds of activities that would be included under the general headings of the Bill items. Meaning what equipment and labour etc would you have to price. Show me that you understand or have thought about that. Remember in a real tender you wouldn't provide this extra information but this is for our purposes.
? Students are required to submit details for at least 4 elements in CostX. Suggested elements for detailed measure, using a mixture of m2, m, and count measurements are (select from):
1. Substructure - mandatory
2. External walls- mandatory
3. Windows
4. Internal walls
5. Roof
6. Plumbing using count rate for sanitary fixtures
7. Electrical using GFA rate/measure
? The details of the measurements will be:
1. Measurement details (level 3 on costX) included coloured drawing showing measured link
2. Cost buildups (level 4 on CostX)
3. Role up of items listed in Level 2 showing item description quantity and cost
4. The Elemental summary, level 1, can be done in CostX or excel
5. The other elements will be priced at summary level giving a total elemental rate only for the element. Students will still need to work this rate out applying assumptions as necessary. This will be explained further in next week tut.