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FINAL REMINDER - Assignment 3 20% (DUE SUNDAY 24/09/17)
One important requirement for the assignment 3 was the application of the four ethical theories to the ethical issue you have identified. You should have a good grasp of the four theories to apply them so please watch the following videos to get you on the way, in addition review week 2-3 of the subject. This knowledge will prove to be very useful in the final exam in part A where you must apply ALL of them to a case study.
Utilitarian theory:
Deontological theory:
Virtue theory:
Contract theory:
You are not forced to select any topics from the ideas placed in the folder; you can select any material which encompasses an ethical impact of technology. I have placed a sample template under the assignment 3 folder, you should note it only applies 2 theories (older format). I always suggest as a quick sketch of the issues you should do a rough DET of the concept which will give you the rough structure for the essay.
There is a TEST folder available to test your work. You can TEST your work on under the TEST link as many times as you like, but you must make sure that you work has a low similarity score, around 10% if possible. You must not submit work that scores a high ( 20%) similarity score under the official assignment link, this may degrade your marks or even cause you to fail. It is important that you have mastered the skill of paraphrasing and referencing using the APA referencing standard. Assignments with high similarity will be investigated and this may slow down your release of grade at the end of semester.
If you missed the plagiarism discussion on week 1 please review the video below.
There are two quick resources you can access to improve your skills in these areas.
Paraphrasing online tutorial:
How to reference using APA in WORD: