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Report writing- Case study
Business Report - Hospitality industry
Business report assignment
You are a consultant for a food and beverage association, which you can invent a name to include on your assignment Tittle page. You have been asked by Whitehaven city council to observe and conduct interviews at a local restaurant on their operations. The council has 30% share of the restaurant.
From your observations, you have found that:
1. The menu has not changed in the last 5 years.
2. The kitchen is messy and a little bit dirty.
3. The waiting staff do not have proper uniform - some of them do not wear hair covers.
4. The decor is outdated and unappealing.
5. It takes 20 minutes before the food is served.
6. The manager and workers are unfriendly.
Write a business report of at least 1000 words to the council providing them with your findings and recommendations to improve the restaurant. You can also add visuals to emphasize the content of your report.
Your report must include the following sections: a Title page, a Table of Contents page, an Executive summary, an Introduction, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations and References in APA style.
You are required to include at least 8 references in total and at least 2 references from each of the following sources: books, journal articles and websites.