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HRMG600 Assessment 2

HRMG600 Assessment 2 Topic
Choose one of the following topics:
1. Performance management is a waste of time and needs to be reinvented 2. The use of artificial intelligence in HRM is beneficial to achieving organisational outcomes 3. Social media is an effective tool for recruitment 4. Other topics as negotiated with the lecturer
Your task
1. Validate your position with authoritative references
– Preferably from A grade journals
– For 2000 word paper expect Minimum of 8-10 journal articles
– 8 will get you a pass (provided rest of paper meets pass standard)
2. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your position
3. Identify and refute counterclaims against your position
– i.e. What do the researchers say for and against your position?
4. Evaluate possible solutions and recommend a course of action
5. Use examples to demonstrate your ideas and concepts
HRMG600 Assessment 2 Marking Criteria Exemplary papers will demonstrate
• Understanding and analysis (max 10 marks)
– Understanding of the issues and research relating to the chosen HR topic is insightful and sophisticated.
– A perceptive discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the position taken on the topic /are comprehensively developed
• Argumentation (max 10 marks)
– Convincingly established position with judiciously chosen, consistent and compelling argumentation.
– Perceptive and insightful discussion of differing viewpoints is demonstrated, and a rigorous analysis of these is demonstrated.
– Insightful discussion of possible solutions and recommend a course of action.
• Evidence (max 6 marks)
– Evidence is sophisticated and deliberately chosen – The relative absence of error is impressive.
– A thorough and comprehensive discussion of evidence reveals an insightful understanding of the social and ethical issues relating to the topic.
• Communication (Max 4 marks)
– The writing is fluent skilfully structured, and judiciously organised.
– Use of syntax, mechanics, and grammar is sophisticated.
– Vocabulary is precise and deliberately chosen.
– The relative absence of error is impressive.
Writing style

HRMG600 Assessment 2 Format

Essays and reports are to be TYPED, in Microsoft Word ( .doc or .docx format).
Use correct Harvard Referencing
Are all references in the reference list cited within your essay/
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