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HI6006 Competitive Strategy – Assignment 2
Report Word Limit: 2000 Words
Presentation: 5 Slides Summary of the Report
Assessment Description
Chosen Topic: Target markets and modes of entry
For the above topic choose one or more organisations (Companies) in the Car Industry, that have successfully applied the theory or concepts of the chosen topic and critically evaluate their approach and the reasons behind their success with respect to the theory.
Your evaluation should also include counter arguments where available, which consider alternative views on the theory topic or address situations in which an organisation has been successful contrary to the theory’s recommendations and why this has been the case. (In other words, what further recommendations to how it may evolve over time?)
Group Report Structure
Your assessment should be submitted in formal report format with an Executive Summary, Main Body, Conclusion and Bibliography. You are recommended to use, at the very least, a Word (or similar) report template to give your report a professional look and feel.
You do not need to define the concepts in detail. Descriptive material has negligible value and should be avoided. The report should focus on analysis, discussion and recommendation, enriched by ideas found in journal articles.