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1. Forum: Week 3 - Digital Media
2. Week 4 – Communication
3. Forum: Week 5 - Consumer behavior
4. Week 6 - Ethics and Advertising
5. Week 7 - Planning / objectives setting in IMC
6. Week 8 – Strategy
7. Week 9 - Public Relations
8. Week 10-
Assessment item A3
Highlights and Participation
Due date: 28-Sep-2017
Length: 250 words per week
Submission method options
Interact2 Discussion Board
This is an individual student assessment. Class participation is assessed by a student's engagement in the Discussion Board facilitated by your lecturer, contributions to questions posed by the lecturer or general questions asked in the forums.
This assessment is designed to test the student's knowledge, skills or capabilities of the materials covered during lectures and in the forums.
• Students are to submit each week the ‘Highlights’ of one article they have read for each topic covered from weeks 3 to week 10.
• ‘Highlights’ are a short collection of bullet points that convey the core findings and provide readers with a quick textual overview of the article.
• Each ‘Highlight’ will be limited to exactly 250 words.
• The presentation format will be bullet points which describe the essence of the research (e.g. key learning/take-outs from the reading, results, conclusions and practical implications) and highlight what is distinctive about it. Other students are also invited to post their comments in the blog on a week by week basis.
Articles must be selected from any of the following academic journals:
Journal of Advertising
Journal of Advertising Research
International Journal of Advertising
Journal of Interactive Advertising
European Journal of Marketing
Industrial Marketing Management
International Journal of Research in Marketing
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Marketing Science
International Marketing Review
Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management
Journal of Interactive Marketing
Journal of International Marketing
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of Services Marketing
Journal of Strategic Marketing
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management
Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing
Public Relations Review
Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal
Journal of Public Relations Research
Corporate Communications: an international journal
Journal of Marketing Communications
Journal of Retailing
This assessment is about encouraging students to develop their ability to critical thinking and collaborative learning skills. The intent of the assessment is designed to provide insight into Learning Objectives 1-2. That is to be able to explain and critically discuss the role of marketing communication in the overall marketing and business strategy; to be able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications.
Marking criteria
Details of the marking criteria are contained below and in the Assessment Section on Interact 2 online - Assessment 3 - MKT570 Marking Criteria

1. The ‘Highlights’ will be first posted on the Discussion Board / Forum each week from Week 3 to Week 10. The Discussion Board / Forum postings are to be submitted (AEST) of weeks 3 through to 10. This will allow all students to make comments during the rest of the week week
2. Submission methods: All posts are due at the end of Week 10 Just cut your Discussion Board / Forum posts and then paste them into a Word document and submit to Turnitin. This document must have a cover page and include the Assessment Name: i.e. Assessment 3, plus your Name and Student ID.
For this assessment you are required to use APA referencing to acknowledge the sources that you have
Turnitin software to assist in the detection of plagiarism. Submission of this assessment requires use of Turnitin to check your work for originality prior to submission.