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Assessment Brief: Al
Al: Essay (Weighting 15%)
Due: Week 6 (Monday 4th September 23:59 AEST) Submit via Moodie
Length: 1000 +1- 5% Words
Number of References: Minimum 10
Choose one of the topics listed below. Research the history, problems, arguments, examples, causes and impacts considering the issue/topic. Write a persuasive/reflective essay supporting your point of view or position.
1. Robots in Society and the End of Manual Labour for Humans
2. Artificial Intelligence and its Threat to Humanity
3. The Increasing Gap Between the Wealthy and the Poor
4. Living Forever (Extending Life Expectancy to Millennia)
5. The End of Religion in Western Style Democracies
Formatting Requirements
The assignment should be presented as follows:
• Font/Font Size: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri or Sans Serif /12, Regular
• Margin: (Left, Right, Top and Bottom) 2.54 cm
• Page Numbers: Yes
• Line Spacing: 1.5
• Paragraph Style: Justified
• File Format: PDF
• File Name: Student Name, Student ID, Assessment No.
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