Recent Question/Assignment
Assessment Task 2: Multiple Choice Quiz
Due date: In class, tutorial in Week 5
Weighting: 8%
Length and/or format: 40 multiple choice questions; 45 minutes
to complete; Closed book Exam
Purpose: To demonstrate students' knowledge of marketing concepts
Learning outcomes assessed: 1,2, and 3
Assessment criteria: Test questions are taken from lecture notes and readings between weeks 1-5 inclusive.
Assessment task 3: Reflections on Concept Applications
Due date: Week 7 at end of Tutorial.
Weighting: 20%
Length and/or format: 5 x 300 words = 1500 words in total Details of format and content will be provided in week 2
Purpose: To encourage and refine thinking around marketing's role in society and in organisations
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, and 5
How to submit: Students are required to submit a hard copy of their papers at the beginning of the lecture and upload soft copies onto Moodie.
Assessment Task 1 - MRK101 Week 2 Test Rubric
To Pass Fail Max Mark: 2 Actual
Understanding Basic Marketing concepts.
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