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BUSM4409 – Information and Technology Management
Individual Assignment – Literature Review
Assignment 3 – 40% of course marks
Assignment task Weighting Due
A literature review is a description of relevant published knowledge from a particular field or selected topic/s. Reviewing accumulated knowledge is an essential early step in the research process. Your purpose in writing the literature review is to convey to your reader not only what knowledge and ideas have been established on a topic but also what the strengths and weaknesses are for each particular piece of reviewed literature.
The reason we set this assignment is to give you experience in collecting and critically analysing data and then presenting it via the literature review. This is a skill that that is in demand from employers who are not just seeking individuals with good technical skills but also with good analytical and communication skills.
Some information on literature reviews can be found here:
You are to author a literature review of no less than 3000 words. The literature review should cover any TWO of the following topics:
Automation and robotics in construction Cloud computing and construction Connecting with customers and suppliers in construction
Business decision making in construction Mobile data in construction Integrating a construction business using information
20% per topic 11:59pm,
Submission Requirements
o File format: family name BUSM4409 A3.pdf (The report MUST be submitted as a pdf file) o Referencing: Author date (Harvard).
o The assignment should contain at least 16-20 references (i.e. 8-10 per topic)
o These sources should be based around a mix of academic publications such as books, texts and peer-reviewed conference proceedings, journal papers, and industry journals NOT JUST internet references and must be correctly referenced in-text as a mix of direct quotations and paraphrases and also listed at the end of your document in a reference list.
o Ensure that the font size and style you choose can be easily read. It is recommended that if you use Arial as your font, the minimum font size should be 10 point. If using Times New Roman the minimum font size should be 12 point. Type your work using 1½ line spacing.
o The course name and number, your name and student number should be stated clearly on the front cover and include page numbers in the footer.
o Please include the following statement on the front of your submission:
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment Declaration (No assignment cover sheet is required when submitting via Turnitin.)
Estimated work effort
A 12 credit point course should include 36 hours of class time with a further 72 hours for private study. For BUSM4409, it is suggested that this assignment should take approximately 40% of 72 hours. i.e. Between 28 and 30 hours.
Plagiarism is very serious and will result in automatic fail. Please become familiar with the University Policy. Instances of plagiarism will be referred to the Program Director and Head of School.
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BUSM4409 –Information and Technology Management
Assignment marking criteria
Criteria Fail
(0-49%) Pass
(50-59%) Credit
(60-69%) Distinction
(70-79%) High Distinction (80-100%)
1. Fulfilment of overall assignment intent, 70% Failure to adequately address the tasks. Shows inadequate knowledge of the topic to meet learning outcomes Broadly completed but some parts are superficially treated misunderstood or overlooked. Shows relevant knowledge of the topic All parts dealt with satisfactorily. Shows evidence of relevant and sound knowledge and understanding of the topic and reading of key texts Some parts done excellently. Shows thorough knowledge and understanding of the topic, with evidence of reading beyond the key texts All parts done very well. demonstrates exceptional comprehension of
2. Structure and organisation, including citations
15% Poor structure, illogically organised; irrelevance and confusion. Poor use of reading. Poor or incorrect use of Harvard technique Structured well enough to make sense. Instances of irrelevance or confusion. Effective use of key reading. Accurate use of Harvard referencing technique Sequence and structure are logical and easy to follow. Introductory and concluding sections used effectively. Well informed by reading which goes beyond key texts. Accurate use of Harvard referencing technique Logically sequenced and connections between different themes or sections are well made. Clear evidence of wide and relevant reading. Accurate use of Harvard referencing technique Structure and sequence effectively used to help integrate ideas and support logical argument. Fully supported by reference to relevant up to date material. Accurate use of Harvard referencing technique.
3. Grammar and spelling, 15% Unclear, confused expression. Poor standard of written English. Clear enough to be understood; some confused or unclear expression. Spelling, punctuation, & grammar satisfactory but likely to need attention. Language is generally sound and clear throughout, business-like and little use of jargon. Spelling, punctuation, & grammar very good. Language demonstrates precision and expressiveness as well as clarity. Displays an excellent use of standard of written English Powerful, confident and precise use of language; mastery of style and tone.
Report Writing Check List
o Are the purpose and aims clear? o Are readers needs taken into account? o Are the main points included? o Are the points supported by evidence? o Is all the information relevant to the purpose? o Is there any (unnecessary) repetition?
o Is the order logical? o Are the headings and numbering clear? o Is the information presented clearly?
o Do figures add up? o Is there a good use of graphics?
o Is the language clear and easy to understand?
o Is the style formal? o Is the tone suited to the purpose? o Are the any unnecessary words or phrases? o Is the grammar and punctuation correct? o Is the spelling ok? o Are the conclusions and recommendations clearly
linked to the purpose and based on findings?
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Before submission, please ensure you have o Understood all the required elements for the assignment
and completed them
o Read the marking guide (rubric) at the end of the
assignment brief
o Followed instructions for naming the file o Completed a spell check o Created a single document to upload o Completed a reference list on the assignment, where you have cited other work in your assignment.

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