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Group report: 2000 words
Presentation: 20 minutes
In groups of 4, you group choose a product. You are to critically discuss the product and its company's current marketing communications and their degree of strategic and message integration. Does your chosen company communicate a consistent theme and positioning for its product in everything it says and
Your discussion should assess the role that IMC plays in your company's current marketing effort, based on
your observation and available information. It should include an analytical account of the marketing communication tools, messages, and media that your company uses to communicate with the different audiences it targets. It should also evaluate any shortcomings in your company's approach, which you
identify from your research and analysis.
- Students are required to participate in online discussion forums so that the lecturer can review progress
and suggest improvements.
- Format:
- The assignment should be written in report format. Suggested structure is as follows:
- I. Company Background and Product Description
- II. Target Market — describe their apparent target market
- III. Positioning Strategy — State the positioning in one clear sentence. Explain rationale
- IV. Communication Goal — What are they trying to accomplish with their IMC program? Why?
- V. Message Strategy and Executional Tactics — How are they achieving their goals? What is the main
message of the IMC program?
- VI. Promotional Mix and Media Strategy — What promotional tools and media are they using? Why do you
think they are using these? Why is it effective?
- VII. Conclusion — Restate the most important points of your report.
- It should have a coherent structure, with a clear beginning, body and conclusion. Line spacing should be
1.5, and sources of information used should be cited in the usual manner.
3052 Marketing Communication Course Outline Tri 2 2017 Page 5 of 12
FINAL EXAM: Assessment criteria
- Weighting: 50%

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