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1. The Causes of Floods in Pakistan
3.1 Human induced causes
Pakistan is highly susceptible to floods, the fact that flood is an annual occurrence that happened every monsoon season is probably why the 2010 flood is underestimated when it happened and thus resulting in Pakistani people not prepared to face the severe damage it causes. (EXPLAIN)(GIVE EXAMPLE)50 WORDS
Deforestation was considered to be the main cause for floods’ infuriation as per National Disaster Management Authority’s report. It is known that only 2.5 per cent of total land in Pakistan is covered by forests (Dawn, 2010) and yet the report in Dawn News conclude that Pakistan has the highest rate of deforestation in Asia according to the latest finding of the World Wide Fund for Nature (Dawn, 2010). Report also says that a total of 151,548 hectares of forest land have been converted to nonforest use in the country since 1992 (Scribe, 2010). The highest deforestation happened around Indus delta mangroves in a rate of 2.3 percent (Dawn, 2010). Another report also mentioned that the flood happened around the area where the 'timber mafia' who did illegal deforestation is active (Bisht, 2010). (EXPLAIN)(GIVE EXAMPLE)50 WORDS
Another major cause is the ability of Indus river to move the water into the sea that has subsequently deteriorate. Indus river water had been diverted for irrigation and many levees or embankments are made to protect the farm land in the north area of Pakistan from floods, these cause sediments brought down from Himalaya mountains to gradually build up near river banks and rise its surface above its surrounding (Lahiri-Dutt, 2010). Consequently it makes water unable to quickly flow back into the river once its spilled over. (EXPLAIN)(GIVE EXAMPLE)50 WORDS

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