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SIT 182 – Real World Practices for Cyber Security
Assignment 1
15% (from the final grade)
Due Date – Week 10 (Sunday 17th September 2017 before 11.59PM)
Question 1 30 Marks
Consider the following scenarios. Imagine that you are the in-charge of the security in each scenario. Explain how would you apply concepts of computer security to create a safer atmosphere by answering the questions below.
i. You are the in-charge of the Myki central sever at Melbourne
ii. You manage the email server for a major election campaign.
iii. You are grading homework submissions for a class of 360+ students iv. You are the network administrator of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
v. Yu run weekly Powerball Lottery in Australia
a) What assets are important for you to protect?
b) What security threats will you choose to defend against?
c) What countermeasures can you justify, in terms of costs and benefits?
Answer each of the above questions in the form of a bulleted list for each scenario, with brief justifications, assumptions (if any) or explanations as necessary. Please state any assumptions you made. Your explanations for each part should be approximately a 200 words in length. State any critical assumptions you decide to make. Your grade will be based on the thoroughness, realism, and thoughtfulness of your analysis.
Question 2 10 Marks
Consider an automated teller machine (ATM) in which users provide a personal identification number (PIN) and a card for account access. Explain with examples of confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements associated with the system and, in each case, indicate the degree of importance of the requirement.?

Question 3 20 Marks
You may have heard about different types of malware which are bad and do harm your computers and network systems. You should investigate FOUR different types of malware listed answering the questions below. In that way you could protect your computers and computer systems.
i. Virus
ii. Worms
iii. Trojan horse
iv. Spyware
Investigate each malware listed using following question. Write a summary about each using your findings to each question.
i. What is it?
ii. How can you get it (What is the source)?
iii. Who is capable of developing it? iv. What harm can it do to your computer?
v. How can you protect your computer from each malware?
Write answers to all the questions and create a PDF file. Submit the PDF file via Moodle link in Week 10 (Check the due date/time mentioned above). Clearly indicate the question numbers. If you have any questions regarding the answer length and others, please clarify them before the submission. After submission we will not be able to add marks for your negligence.

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