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i have provided u sample and assignment brief
.ITS assignment 3 marketing plan of 2500 words with at least 6 references .the references should be correctly done and market in the line from which number referencers the line was taken example ::.............(some lines )1 which is copied from reference 1 indicated by small 1 on top of line the topic given for us is Nokia. The format should be same as sample one .
• Assessment 3 – Marketing report (group)
Marketing Report (Group) – 20%
2500 words (+/-10%) correctly referenced. Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt, 1.5 lines spacing, Harvard (Anglia) references.
This assessment is designed to apply the knowledge and skills developed by the students to evaluate external and internal environment of a company and identify new offering based on the result of environmental scanning.
Due :
Softcopy is to be uploaded to Moodle and Turnitin by 11.59pm Friday Week 11, 29 September 2017
• Task
Marketing Report for a company – each group has to nominate a company (the client) for this plan.
Tutor needs to approve the chosen company before the group can proceed to the next stage
Students are required to conduct a SWOT analysis, identifying the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats of the company. The goal of a SWOT analysis is to identify the critical factors that may affect the proposed business concept (or new product or new services) and then build on the strengths to reduce the weaknesses, exploit opportunities and avoid potential threats.
Students are also expected to identify and describe using segmenting variables, one target market being served by the nominated client and devise a brief marketing strategies.
• Groups need to base their marketing report on appropriate theory and other relevant current market information where possible.
• Groups should support their report with the text and a minimum of FOUR (4) other academically relevant and acceptable sources.
• These may include academic journal articles, research reports and industry analyses, but groups need to be aware of the validity of sources e.g. an unsupported newspaper article may not be considered valid.
• Suggested Structure of the report
Executive Summary
Section 1 : Introduction and background to the company
Section 2 : Analysis of the marketing environment (external & Internal)
Section 3 : Recommendation
• Target Market
• New product/new services description
• Marketing Mix relevant strategies
Section 4 : Conclusion
Pls refer to SO for more details.
• Assessment 3 – final examination
Final Examination – 40%
The purpose is to test the students’ understanding of course concepts and their ability to apply these concepts. The examination may cover materials used in tutorials, class discussions and/or from the readings.
Due :
Exam period Week 14 the specific times and dates will be posted toward the end of the semester.