Recent Question/Assignment

Question a.
1. Outline the long-term goals of the World Vision Australia and define the groups of stakeholders or clients for the World Vision Australia. (50 words)
2. Choose suitable perspectives that could be used as part of a balanced scorecard, and develop specific objectives for each perspective. ( 100 words)
3. Develop a strategy map to show the relationships between the different objectives. (100 words)
4. Based on the academic/professional literature, provide a critical analysis of the issues concerning the implementation of the balanced scorecard by the World Vision Australia. (300 words)
Question b.
Provide and comment on Aveo’s dividend history in the past 5 years, and provide a critical evaluation of Aveo’s dividend history. Do you agree with the company’s dividend policy and dividend level? If not, recommend your preferred policy and a dividend level. Explain fully your conclusions and reasoning. (600words)
Altogether (1150 words)