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Assessment Tasks 1 & 2

Situational Analysis – this is an INDIVIDUAL student task

This comprises TWO assessments

1. Preparation for and submission to Moodle in which you are required to demonstrate significant progress towards the finalisation of the Situation Analysis Report. Students will be given details during the second week for submission of a one page report. The report must show the proposed structure, headings and sub headings, of your report and the full (APA6) citation of the references you have identified as necessary to complete your situation analysis. This is NOT an academic literature review. Reports which are no more than generic headings with a list of inappropriate academic references will not be accepted

a. Marks Allocated?5%
b. Date due ?Friday of week 4 before 5pm

2. The Situation Report.

Marks Allocated?25%
Word Limit ?1000 words
Due Date?Reports must be uploaded to Moodlebefore Noon on Monday week 7

What you are required to do;
You will be supplied on Moodle with initial industry research on either of three nominated industries and some information on the company assigned to you by the lead lecturer, for which you are to develop a strategic plan. The format of the situation analysis will be outlined to you during the lectures. You are to use the techniques which will be covered in the first 4 lectures as the basis of your analysis. Simply restating research data without your critical analysis will not be acceptable. You must identify the major issues with which the company must cope in your analysis
You will need to supplement this research with your own research.

Students are required to undertake a detailed analysis of the nominated market in Australia and the external factors affecting that industry. The analysis should cover market structure, segmentation, distribution channels, competitors and trends for the total market. In addition you will also be required to undertake an internal analysis of your chosen company in order to identify their core capabilities and competencies and any competitive advantage they may possess. From this analysis you will highlight the key issues facing the industry and the company and put forward an initial range of potential future strategies which the company may consider.
The structure of your report headings will be
• Executive Summary
• Market Size & Trends
• Financial and Corporate Performance
• SWOT & Competitive Advantage
• Strategic Options
• Possible Recommendations

Industries from which you may choose

Department Stores in Australia

1. Myer
2. David Jones

Supermarket Retailing in Australia

1. Coles
2. New entrant Kaufman (Lidl)

Fashion Retailing in Australia

1. H & M
2. The Just Group

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