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Assessment Task 2 —Essay (1600 words)
Due date: Thursday 213 September 2017 23.59hrs
Weighting: k 40%
Length and/or format: 1600 words
Purpose: This assessment aims to enhance students learning related to contemporary mental health issues. The essay will provide an opportunity for students to be analytical and synthesize information within the expectations of academic writing. Students will be provided with a contemporary account of the Lived Experience of Mental Health. You will be asked to consider this account and explore the challenges it presents for aspects of mental health nursin! care informed by recovery oriented principles. The discussion is to b supported with relevant and credible references.
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2
How to submit: This essay will be submitted electronically into tumitin via the LEO unit page.
Return of assignment: The assignment will be returned via the LEO tumitin with a grade and
feedback summary.
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Units & Results Unit: NRSG210 MENTAL HEALTH N...

NRSG210 Essay marking criteria & resources
Marking criteria/ HD descriptors
Focus & Introduction
10% MAX
30% MAX
Descriptive Content Relevance, Support & Examples
Critical Thinking. Analysis & Reasoning
20% MAX
Conclusion & Synthesis
20% MAX
Sequencing & Accuracy
There is a clear introduction that outlines the topic, and
contextualises and profiles the scope, content and the sequence of the essay topic.
The content is relevant to the topic. Student has highlighted in
detail all the relevant significant factors; explained and analysed the concepts and or issues and their importance.
Referred to relevant theory and literature to support their reasoning and examples are presented.
There is evidence of both depth and breadth of reading. An argument is presented and well supported with evidence.
Emphasised the importance of consumer/carer perspectives throughout the discussion.
There is a concluding paragraph which restates the topic,
provides a summary of all the key points, and presents an overall conclusion.
The content in the essay matches the outline presented in the
introductory paragraph. Most paragraphs are organised in a
logical manner so that ryw-Itont - -
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