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Proposal Marking Guide (worth 20%)
Must be written in a professional manner, worthy of industry standard.
Executive Summary (Learning Outcome 4, 6) - Overview of the proposal (2 pages max). This summary provides a snapshot of the entire proposal. Including objectives & business gains, overall cost (in terms of time only), basic schedule, important or peculiar legal issues, scope etc (make reference to appendices or pages in main document).
- Clear linkage to Prince2 methodology –potential benefits are realistic and current situation issues a clear business case,
- Clear team roles and responsibilities; defined owner, user and supplier
- Clear scope, quality, time, cost, risk tolerances set
- Focus on Product not the process
- Executive summary
- Clear
- Concise
- Complete
Business Case – (Learning Outcome 1, 2, 4, 6, 7)
Every project should be driven by a business need. If the project has no justification in terms of the business, it should not be undertaken.
• Description & Rationale - Why is the product needed? Clearly explain project purpose, project owner, targeted users & context of use. What were the business options considered to solve the problem? What is the selected option and the reasons for its selection?
• Expected Benefits - This is a description of what the expected benefits are, plus the estimated benefit figures over the life of the product. Dis-benefits?
• Costs, timescale – costs to be measured in terms of hours required to complete.
• Potential Risks - - summary of any major risks, their likely impact and the contingency plans (including their cost) to respond to the risks should they occur
o Process Risks
? Implementation and maintenance issues, client resources available to support project, potential difficulties and risk analysis relating to completing the project
o Product Risks
? Risk that product does not meet business need
• Ethical issues (Learning Outcome 1, 7)
o Does the proposed solution abide by the law?
o Does the project and process align with the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?
o Does it agree with your employer’s and client’s code of ethics and conduct?
? Possible Copyright issues
? Content collection issues
? Software issues,
? Potential Privacy issues.
? Conflict of Interest Issues
o Does it align with your ethical values and those of the surrounding culture? 30
Project Plan (Learning Outcome 3, 5)
• How long the project will take;
• How much it will cost;
• What the major deliverables or products will be, key milestones and dates;
• Roughly when these will be delivered;
• What people and other resources will have to be committed in order to meet the plan;
• How control will be exerted;
• How quality will be maintained;
• What risks are there in the approach taken.
The plan requires a concise WBS with resource allocation and Microsoft Project Plan. The plan needs to be sufficiently detailed to manage the project, it needs to avoid excessive detail. How do you intend to implement the plan? Is there anything in the Gantt chart that needs explaining?
Benefits Review Plan (Learning Outcome 3)
Identify the benefits;
• Identify objective measures of benefit achievement;
• Assemble measurements of the current situation against which the improvements will be compared;
• Decide how, and when the benefits will be measured so the unit coordinator (project review board in Prince2) can assess the final product 20
Total 100

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