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This is case study and requirement for my assignment. The report is about 1000 words, with APA reference.
Case study
A multi-national organisation operates in various countries including Australia, Vietnam, India, Oman, and Nigeria. The organisation manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment’s to local and international clients. In total the organisation has 8,000 employees in five countries and more than 1 million customers worldwide. The head office is based in Australia. In recent years the organisation is facing a number of communication challenges. They include:
Timely communication to all staff and clients
Communication breakdown from top management to staff in the front line and vice versa
Feedback from clients on ways to improve product quality and service delivery
Issues around local language
Cross cultural issues in different contexts
Limited development in digital literacy in some countries and use of social media in communication
Your manager has asked you to develop strategies to improve communication at all level. The manager has directed you to suggest strategies that has proven to work well in large multinational organisations. You are required to undertake the following:
Prepare a written report
Benchmark what other multinational organisations are doing to improve workplace communication. This could be done be reviewing literature of successful case studies available
Identify the strategies the organisation could use to address each of the above five challenges