Recent Question/Assignment

Each task requires you to collect and summarise one (1) publicly available online resource. The resource summary should be around 200-300 words. You should collect interesting and relevant resources that address the task. The resources should be easy to read and describe the topic/technology concisely and simply. The resources must be specific to the topic (i.e. just focus on a single technology or topic and not be about multiple topics). These can include (but are not limited to) online magazine/news articles, technical reports or documentation.
Important - Academic resources such as journals, conference papers or books will generally be unsuitable for this assignment as they are generally not publicly available, are not concise, are not necessarily easy to read and often don’t focus specifically on the assignment topic(s). The resources should be substantial (producing a 300 word summary from a 400 - 500 word resource is inappropriate) and only contain information directly pertinent to the task. You cannot use the resource more than once in the assignment. The textbook and sites such as, but not limited to, Wikipedia, Techtarget, and HowStuffWorks are not suitable resources.
Your summary should briefly explain:
What the resource is about
Why you selected it
What are the main points or key information covered in the resource
Why the resource was useful.