Recent Question/Assignment

EPM5700 Project Management and Information Technology
Individual Assignment 2017
Suggested Report Content
After reviewing number of draft submissions, I suggest each one of you to follow the simple format listed below.
• Cover Sheet with Title
• Front Page
• List of Content
• Executive Summary
• Aim/s of the Investigation
• Introduction of the topic
• Significance of this investigation
• Listing and describe the available softwares
• Software Selection for evaluation (at least 3 to be selected)
• Critically Review the selected three Softwares
• Identify and set Criteria for Evaluation
• Discussion on Weighting for each criteria
• Set up Evaluation Matrix
• Justification of weighting criteria for each software ( clear evidence and comparison required)
• Discussion on the results
• Discussion of Problems and Pitfalls
• Recommendation/s
• Acknowledgment: if any...
• References
• Appendix: Provide all supporting evidence for each software evaluated.
Length of the report varies from topic to topic. Approx 12 to 15 pages of written submission is required. This excludes all attachments and appendix.
Marking Criteria:
Report Presentation: 20% Research & Investigation 20% Software Reviews 20%
Matrix Analysis & Discussion 25% Conclusion & Recommendations 15%
Total 100%