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Assessment 3 (Group Work) Case study: Methodology Introduction
Businesses need to be innovative and creative to create a niche for their business operations. As competition is ever increasing, survivability of an organisation will depend on how well they respond to these challenges. One possible solution is project management, as using good project management practices can help organisations to better plan, organise, manage and control work, which leads to better performance and increased productivity.
Adopting a project management methodology
The project management methodologies of organisations may vary but nonetheless will have a common project management language and framework across the organisation, often adapted from external standards like those of the PMI. However, management structures are different in every organisation and therefore one project management methodology does not fit all. Selecting a standard methodology that does not fit within the framework of the organisation may not achieve its promised benefits
The scenario
A high-level profile for three (3) organisations are given in Table 1.
Table 1: High level profile of organisations
Attributes Organisation A Organisation B Organisation C
Industry Financial Services Building Society Technology Services
No of
Employees 80 600 1200
Location(s) of organisations Australia and New Zealand Australia Worldwide
Customers Australia and New Zealand Australia Worldwide
Existing standards or framework for business processes Australian Prudential
Regulation Authority – Regulator Performance
Can be assessed from: tAPRA/Publications/Pages/Re gulator-PerformanceFramework.aspx
Australian Prudential
Regulation Authority – Regulator Performance
Can be assessed from: PRA/Publications/Pages/Regul ator-PerformanceFramework.aspx Capability Maturity Model
Integration (CMMI)
Can be assessed from: ility-maturity-modelintegration
In organisation A, it is possible for the project managers to directly influence senior management to set out a business case for implementing a project management methodology, which would progress their own careers, whilst also having a positive impact on the organisation. The decision to implement a methodology was made within a very short timeframe in contrast with the longer timeframe required for the larger organisations (ie: Organisations B & C). This may be due to the smaller size of this organisation and the higher level of complexity that such a task entails in larger organisations.
In organisation B, project management is very haphazard and varied from project manager to project manager or project to project. They had a methodology in place that was developed internally and was used consistently across all projects.
Organisation C is driven to a certain extent by demand from their customers to have a standard methodology in place, which may be due to the industry (technology services) that this organisation operates in. They are already certified for Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) standard.
All three organizations are in a dilemma of selecting a project management methodology. You have been hired to advice the organizations on the choice of project management methodology. The selection could be either from the two most commonly known methodologies - the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) or Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) developed by the Office of Government Commerce in the UK or any other project management methodology that you think best suits their needs.
Your Task
This assessment item requires you to work in a GROUP of 2 or 3.
Read the following questions carefully, and present your recommendations for EACH of these organisations. Support your recommendation with detailed explanations.
i. Is implementing a project management methodology considered a management level activity? Who should be involved?
ii. Should the chosen project management methodology be implemented in its entirety? Please support your decision with an implementation plan.
iii. What issues might you encounter when implementing the chosen project management methodology? iv. What should be done to address the difficulties faced in attempting to implement the methodology?
v. What benefits do you attribute to the use of the chosen project management methodology?
Your submission should be made using Microsoft Office documents and the essay submitted as a separate 2,500
– 3,000 words Microsoft WORD document. (Supporting diagrams / figures may be presented in other formats - Excel, PowerPoint slides, Pdf documents, as part of the appendix and will not count towards the essay’s word limit. Tables should be placed in the essay and shall be included in the word count).
You should describe all of the required parts of your methodology in as complete manner as you deem appropriate. A range of sample methodologies will be identified for you to study during the unit. If you wish to include examples of any parts you may do so in an appendix. You must not include pictures or diagrams in the body of the essay. You must provide an ILLUSTRATION OR DRAWING OF YOUR METHODOLOGY /IES. in the appendix of your essay. Your essay should be a properly constructed academic essay. It should contain an effective introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the essay and include your argument. The body should present the evidence you have collected to support your recommendations, provide your assumptions, summarise the evidence and the conclusion should restate your recommendations on a high level. The essay should contain a coherent, but necessarily restricted review of the academic literature on the project management topics in question. The literature review should be integrated into the essay, not a separate section. Do not include an executive summary or an abstract. A reference list formatted in the prescribed Harvard style is compulsory. Do not include a bibliography.
This assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of project management concepts and utilisation of academic literature. Whilst you use the recommended textbooks you may also refer to relevant peer reviewed, academic journal articles. You will be expected to present information and cite at least twenty (20) times from relevant course material or other PEER REVIEWED sources).
Assessment Criteria
Your assignment will be assessed on the extent and quality to which it meets each of the following criteria.
No Attributes (%)
1 A pictorial illustration of the methodology/ies is supplied? 10
2 A high-level textural overview of the methodology/ies is provided? 10
3 An implementation plan has been explained that is an accurate reflection of the case study? 10
4 The methodology/ies should reflect the following:-
i. The methodology/ies reflects an ability to use and apply fundamental concepts and skills of the unit, going beyond mere replication of content knowledge or skill to show understanding of key ideas, awareness of their relevance, some use of analytical skills, and some originality or insight in relation to the learning outcomes of the assignment. 25
ii The methodology demonstrates awareness and understanding of deeper and less obvious aspects of the unit, such as ability to identify and debate critical issues or problems, ability to solve non-routine problems, ability to adapt and apply ideas to new situations, and ability to invent and evaluate new ideas. 25
iii. The methodology/ies has been presented with imagination, originality or flair, based on proficiency in all the learning outcomes of the unit; work is interesting or surprisingly exciting, challenging, well read or scholarly. 10
5 Clarity of expression, grammar and spelling? 10
Total 100
Important Information
Assessment Due Date Week 9 Friday (15 Sep 2017) 11:45PM AEST
Return Date to Students Week 12 Friday (6 Oct 2017)
Weighting 25%