Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment tasks two and three are linked. They will be completed in groups (three or four students maximum per group), not as individuals as previously identified in the course outline due to the increase in student enrolment. You will deliver an in-class presentation followed up by a written report supporting the presentation.
You will deliver a group presentation of the report. The report must be fully referenced and include models. Presentations will be in class from Week 7, reports are to be submitted by Week 12. Please refer to the Discussion Board to list who is in your group and for your group’s bidding for the week you deliver your presentation, first in first served.
Presentations should be 15 minutes, maximum 20 minutes. The report is to be a maximum of 2,500 words. Students will need to submit the Style Guide Checklist with their report. This check list can be downloaded from BlackBoard. The report is not to be a cut and paste exercise, but a seamless document representing the combined work of everyone in the group.
Groups can decide which sector the corporation is from. These sectors are public (civil service), private or not for profit. I suggest your choice should have a strategic benefit for learning for your intended career.
You will need to find and analyse two annual reports for the same Australian organisation (for example purposes only: Note: students are to find their own corporations and not use this one, it is provided only as an example). These reports should be typically 5 years apart in order to identify and analyse any changes in their corporate governance, ethics and corporate social responsibility.
The tasks are defined in the table below. Your answers/submission must be supported with referencing from a minimum of 10 academic and industry sources:
Task you are required to complete Assessment criteria Learning outcome
Compile a report (please check on Blackboard in the section: Help and Support/Academic Skills Services/Writing/Reports for more information on how to compile this type of document). Present research findings using industry document and reporting standards.
Demonstrates analytical and professional level written communication skills.
1 What is their board structure; has it changed, if so how? Using appropriate analytical techniques to identify and solve a business problem. Compare and analyse the corporate governance issues involved in business and the workplace.
2 Has it faced any known public scandals? If so, what were they and why did it occur? Critically discuss these in terms of ethics theories studied during course. For example is it consequentialism and if so what aspects and why.
Evaluation of scenario and implications.
Analyse and explain economic, social and environmental sustainability issues relating to business practice.
3 Who are their stakeholders and to what regard are they held. You will need to develop a strategy map for your in-class presentation and your report. The map must have a legend and describe the relationships shown (as per class exercises).
Identification of environmental implications Compare and analyse the role of stakeholders and corporate managers’ moral obligations in business decision making.
4 How have the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) guidelines been applied?
( You will need to go through each guideline and report on the four that you think are the most important.
Demonstration relevant theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility correctly applied to the case study.
Apply regulatory requirements to develop appropriate board and committee functions and structures.
5 Provide evidence of Carroll’s philanthropic model and how it is being applied, and describe how. You will need to include the model. Apply corporate governance best practice principles and recommendations to achieve appropriate business practice. Identification of ethical perspective.
[The above table shows you not only what your task requirements are, it also reminds you of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria as stated in the Course Outline. A separate and more detailed assessment criteria rubic (marking guide) will accompany this task description]
The report format. Students should refer to the formatting help available on BlackBoard (go to the MGT712 BlackBoard site: help & support/academic skills services). Your report is to be modified as it does not require:
? an executive summary,
? a table of contents,
? an authorisation or
? letter of transmittal.
Model must be properly referenced as per the Style Guide checklist from MGT712 BlackBoard site.
Please read the separate assessment criteria in conjunction with this document