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Marketing Analysis Report Structure
A maximum of 2,200 words (excluding Cover Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Bibliography, Appendices). Note that appendices can be 10% of main body word count i.e. 220 words, and that tolerance level for main body word count is 10% i.e. 220 words.
Cover Page (student’s names, student’s numbers, assignment title, unit title)
Executive Summary (key highlights of the analysis, NOT an Introduction)
Table of Contents (reflects sections in the main body, remember to include the page numbers)
1. Description of the organisation (origins, mission, markets served, product categories, key brands). Suggest 100 words
2. Current Strategic Plan/Focus (key highlights). Could use Porter’s Three Generic Strategies Model. Suggest 300 words
3. Market Analysis (key target markets/customers, trends, nature of the industry/product category, summation of overall marketing mix performance – poor through to excellent). Could use Porter’s Five Environmental Forces Model, SWOT Analysis. Suggest 400 words
4. Competitive Analysis (both direct and indirect competitors, emphasis on the former, strengths, Points of Similarity (POS) and Points of Difference (POD) Could use a Positioning Map. Suggest 300 words
5. Proposed marketing objectives (check existing ones first, extend from, or modify these, ensure that they meet the SMART principles). Suggest 100 words
6. Proposed marketing strategies (suggest organize around the 4 or 7 P’s, show how fit together, justify choices made). Could use Ansoff’s Growth Strategies Matrix, BCG Matrix and/or GE Matrix. Suggest 600 words
7. Implementation process for the proposed strategies (how will carry out, how the marketing mix elements will ‘fit’ together and work, how will deliver on marketing objectives, timeline). Suggest 200 words
8. Evaluation and control (marketing metrics and other KPI’s to be used, key milestones, and management’s role). Suggest 200 words
Bibliography (organisation’s website(s), organisation’s documents, newspaper, magazine articles, industry/market reports)
Appendices (optional, but could include applications of the business tools)

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