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Assessment Item 3
Value: 13%
Due date: 04-Sep-2017
Return date: 26-Sep-2017
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
Arco code Prod Nemo Purchase dale Oty_sold Prod_soce Inv No nv Date 'Vendor ID Vendor Name
1E612345 Esky Scli Cooler 12/7/2018 50 19.50 13-5565 171712016 112 00151011
1A1(2347 Angle Grinder 199/2018 10 85 B-5570 181912016 106 RC TocIs
KAR62705 111gh Pressure Cleaner 1311012016 50 190 13-5572 16912016 103 ArdoNy
AEC25874 Circisar See 198/2016 15 119 6-5570 18/9/2066 106 RC Tools
252386 deterred 2018/2018 45 28.50 135585 2518/2016 112 00151011
Using above table
1. Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies in the relation
2. Decompose the relation into a set of 3NF relations
3. Draw a relational schema for your 3NF relations and show the referential integrity constraints
4. Create an ERD that represents your 3NF relations
For guidance on how to normalise database relations from a dependency diagram, watch this very short YouTube video: https://www.voutube.cornAvatch7vmdUyuLLornwC1
Manually drawing the dependency diagram, or the set of 3NF relations or the relational schema or the ERD Is NOT acceptable.
This assessment aligns with the following subject outcomes:
• be able to critically analyse a database design and apply normalisation theory and techniques;