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(2) Major Choose one of the newspaper articles listed below and write an academic style 25
Essay essay.
th Format:
The essay should be typed, 'Arial' 12-point font, single sided and double-spaced, on white A4 paper. The essay should be securely stapled in the top left-hand corner. Word length 1200 -1500 words. Must have UOW College Assessment Coversheet .see page 4; all information filled in and signed by student.
The essay must conform to the requirements of the UOW College Student
i students/student resources)
and Policy Page I. Students
PI read the essay marking guide prior to commencing the essay
PI submit a completed essay coversheet
2) essays will not be marked unless both a hard (paper) copy with coversheet
and a soft (electronic) copy are subrnitted.
3 Essay topics:
Please see your subject Moodie website for the 3 newspaper articles
PLEASE Note: Newspaper article selection is to be completed by the end of your Week 2 tutorial. The tutor will advise of the selection process in Week 1.
All newspaper articles require research and MUST use at least 2 refereed journal articles,
1 academic books, I website, 1 newspaper article (the newspaper article you are writing about, current events examples) ALL must be fully Harvard Referenced I ).
Due: Week 6
Students must submit both a (1) hard (paper) copv and a (2) soft
telectronic, copy of the essay.
Hard Copy - in Week 6, in your assigned tutorial (you must include
your 1 page 'Turn-it-in report') +
Soft copy - submit electronically in Week 6, by the end of your
assigned tutorial time, using the 'Turn-it-in' in WUCB130 Moodie.
Hard copy submission checklist:
0 Cover page —filled out and signed by student
Marking criteria
Turn-it-in reportireceigt