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Assessment 1: Individual Case Study
Assessment overview:
Each student will be allocated a case study which they will comprehensively review and then answer the case study questions.
To answer the case study, students will be required to research the theories applicable to the case by using journal articles and text books. Evidence of comprehensive research and referencing will maximise marks.
Written Assignment Instructions:
Each student will submit their answers to Turnitin.
In-text and end-text referencing in APA format must be provided.
Size 12 Font, Times New Roman or Arial
Single sided printing with 1.5 line spacing.
Margins of 2.5cm
Footer with student name and number, unit name and assignment name.
Contents page with page numbering
The following sections must be provided in the written submission: (read and answer carefully)
• Introduction to the case (give an over view of the case, what issue? what you going to solve in the case study) (1 page)
• Overview and identification of the management issues and principles applicable to the case. Use the terminology in the management textbook. (1-2 page)
• Discussion / answers to the case study questions (3-4 pages)
• Appendix with a copy of the slides – 6 to a page. (1 page of 6 powerpoint slides included)
Verbal presentation: (make a 6 slides powerpoint)
Each presentation must have duration of 10 minutes +/- 2 minutes.
The format used will be Power-Point or Prezi.
The PowerPoint slides to be presented will be incorporated into the written submission as an Appendix – 6 slides to the page.
Marks for the assignment will be allocated as follows:
Comprehensive answers to the questions 6%
In text and end text referencing in APA format 5%
Presentation – content, quality and delivery 5%
Format and layout as requested 4%
Total 20%
Note: Wikipedia is not considered a suitable academic reference
- You may find the following link on how to answer a case study useful:

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