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Part 1
A large order of both fresh and dried herbs, some raw organic chicken breasts and three tubs of yogurt based ice cream has just arrived from Herbie’s, a quality supplier of organic foods. There is purple sage, dried tarragon, fresh bay leaves and a number of bags of ground coriander, turmeric and cumin. However, you are aware there is already a large amount of ground coriander in the dry store room, and you do not think you need more bags. A large bottle of fresh green peppercorns in brine has toppled and cracked.
A courier from Con’s Chemicals has brought, among other things, a 25 litre drum of dishwashing powder. This delivery was due two days ago and you urgently need it.
Describe in detail the steps you would follow in regards to accepting the delivery of supplies and storing the supplies. You also need to explain how you would monitor those supplies once they are placed in storage. (Two–three pages)

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Part 2
Design an information sheet that can be provided to new staff detailing how to dispose of damaged and spoiled or contaminated supplies, waste and hazardous substances to reduce the negative environmental impacts. The information sheet should also include why problems with stock such as wastage, need to be reported and how they are to be reported. (Two–three pages)