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This task allows you to get feedback on the critical first stage of your research proposal development to ensure Task 2, the full proposal, is soundly based. Select a business research problem or opportunity for investigation. This may come from your employment situation, a friend or relative's business, or your own business. The business problem or opportunity must require a substantial amount of research that includes the collection of both primary and secondary data to assist management in making a decision. Your proposal should be for an applied business problem (so for a specific company or organisation) and not for general basic research into a general topic.
Here is the template for you to use for your Task 1 Background and Problem Definition. Use this to prepare a draft of the Background and Problem Definition stage of the Research Proposal to be completed on the template provided above. This assessment is designed to give feedback that should then be incorporated into Task 2.
• Make sure you have worked through the tips and checklists for this Task in Modules 2 and 3.
• Make sure you have read the requirements for Task 2 as this Task is the basis for Task 2.
• Remember also that Task 2 will be the basis for you Project if you go on to complete MGT723 Research Project.
BUS703 Managing Research
Assessment Task 1
Draft of Background and Problem Definition of Research Proposal
Provide a draft of your Background and Problem Definition using the four headings below. Please refer to the detailed guidelines for Assessment Task 2 to assist you with this task.
Background to the problem (highlight the key issues/symptoms that have led to the problem/opportunity arising – use point form to summarise).

• •
Management decision (what is the decision management have to make that research will assist with? – in question form).
Research question (from a research perspective what information is required to answer the management problem?).

(Information) Objectives (specific information required to address the research problem – must be in objective form. As a guide, minimum of three and no more than six).
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