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Assessment 2 Information
Subject Code: BUS101
Subject Name: Business Communication
Assessment Title: Business Report: Group task
Weighting: 40% (20 Written Report + 20 Presentation)
Due Date: Week 11, Monday 3:55pm,
Assessment Description
Length 1500 words + 15 minute presentation. This assessment requires you to write a b u s i n e s s r e p o r t answering the following question. It should be a maximum of 1500 words and you should reference at least 6 academic resources in the text of the assignment.
Form a group of three to four students. You are required to write a business report with recommendations based on the task below, then to present your findings in a group presentation. You may choose any Country on which to focus your report.
Business Report task
Every country in the world will be affected in some way by the changes that are occurring in the climate related to human industrial activities (such as pollution, deforestation, etc). Choose a region in a country of your choice that is affected negatively by one of these changes. Investigate who is responsible (a particular company or a reginal or national governments)? Then write a business report analysing the situation with the view of providing helpful solutions for the given company/government or organisation to address the issues on an effective way to ameliorate (improve) the situation significantly.
Marks will be awarded for the comprehensiveness of your research as well as business report format and language and presentation.
You are then required to present your report content to your lecturer in class. The presentation should be no more than 15 minutes long and all group members should speak. You must provide your lecturer with a copy of your PowerPoint slides. The presentation will be in WEEKS 10 and 11.
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