Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1: Media Article Analysis
Select an article from popular media – either a newspaper article or a magazine article. Consider sources like the Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, or The Australian (newspapers), and Time, The Economist, or other business orientated titles (magazines). Confine your selection to print media sources, and avoid broadcast and digital sources (like television, radio, or websites).
You need to consider how the selected article relates to the contents of the international marketing unit that you are currently studying. More specifically you need to identify the possible connections, and the article’s possible usefulness.
The task is detailed below:
1. Select the article
2. Read the article right through (at least twice)
3. Make brief ‘top of mind’ notes in the margin regarding possible linkages
4. Consult the unit ‘Content’ and ‘Schedule’ in the unit outline noting the themes
5. Read each paragraph in the article and make more considered notes
6. Make a list of the themes that the article can be related to
7. Explicitly link each relevant paragraph to the themes
8. Go to the lecture slides or text chapters that discuss the identified themes
9. Review the slides or chapters to see and further detail the linkages
10. Imagine you are an international marketer
11. Consider whether the article has relevance for market opportunity analysis
12. Consider whether the article has relevance for market entry decision making
13. Consider whether the article has relevance for marketing mix decision making
14. Consider whether the article has relevance for foreign market operations
15. Document the above areas of relevance for an international marketer
16. Consider if there is one single dominant international marketing theme
17. Consider if there is one single dominant implication for international marketers
Organise your analysis using a report style format featuring the following sections:
• Cover Page
• Table of Contents (don’t forget the page numbering)
• Introduction (cite your selected article, possible reason for choice, report structure)
• Brief summary of the article (its key points and main arguments)
• International marketing themes in the article (link to theory and concepts)
• Relevance for international marketers (which one or more areas)
• Dominant marketing theme and implications (try to restrict to one or two of each)
• Bibliography (article, lecture slides, textbook chapters, any other sources)
For the word count, weighting, due date, and submission place please see the ‘Assessment’ section in the Unit Outline and on the LEO site.