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Assessment Criteria
Element Performance Criteria S NYS
1 Establish a WHS management system in a work area 1.1 Locate, adapt, adopt and communicate WHS policies that clearly define the organisation’s commitment to complying with WHS legislation ?
1.2 Identify duty holders and define WHS responsibilities for all workplace personnel in the work area according to WHS legislation, policies, procedures and programs ?
1.3 Identify and approve financial and human resources required by the WHS management system (WHSMS) ?
2 Establish and maintain effective and compliant participation arrangements for managing WHS in a work area .1 Work with workers and their representatives to set up and maintain participation arrangements according to relevant WHS legislation ?
2.2 Appropriately resolve issues raised through participation and consultation arrangements according to relevant WHS legislation ?
2.3 Promptly provide information about the outcomes of participation and consultation to workers and ensure it is easy for them to access and understand ?
3 Establish and maintain procedures for effectively identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks in a work area 3.1 Develop procedures for ongoing hazard identification, and assessment and control of associated risks ?
3.2 Include hazard identification at the planning, design and evaluation stages of any change in the workplace to ensure that new hazards are not created by the proposed changes and existing hazards are controlled ?
3.3 Develop and maintain procedures for selecting and implementing risk controls according to the hierarchy of control and WHS legislative requirements ?
3.4 Identify inadequacies in existing risk controls according to the hierarchy of control and WHS legislative requirements, and promptly provide resources to enable implementation of new measures ?
3.5 Identify requirements for expert WHS advice, and request this advice as required ?
4 Evaluate and maintain a work area WHS management system 4.1 Develop and provide a WHS induction and training program for all workers in a work area as part of the organisation’s training program ?
4.2 Use a system for WHS record keeping to allow identification of patterns of occupational injury and disease in the organisation, and to maintain a record of WHS decisions made, including reasons for the decision ?
4.3 Measure and evaluate the WHSMS in line with the organisation’s quality systems framework ?
4.4 Develop and implement improvements to the WHSMS to achieve organisational WHS objectives ?
4.5 Ensure compliance with the WHS legislative framework to achieve, as a minimum, WHS legal requirements ?
1. Explain each of the five (5) steps in the diagram of the risk management process

2. Describe each of the following control measures, including an example for each
Engineering controls
Administrative controls
3. What are some of the methods or communication channels to inform supervisor, higher authority or employer, of a severe breach of Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws / rules at your workplace or any workplace?
Write answers below
4. Explain why ‘Emergency procedures’ are significant to organisations.
Assume you are a restaurant manager and you have to decide on some emergency procedures for the restaurant. List any five (5) emergency procedures necessary for a restaurant.
Emergency Procedures for a restaurant:
5. Assume you work as a service manager for big telecom organisation with offices in metro and regional areas. Your boss has identified the following emergency situations as potential threats to your organisation:
• serious injury
• office fire
• bushfire
• hazardous substance/chemical spill
• bomb threat
• armed hold-up, or disturbed intruders/client
• loss of services (phones, electricity, water)
• traffic/car accident
Pick any one of the events above and, following the WHS code of practice then write a procedure (with at least 8 steps) for workers to follow should the event occur.
Procedure selected:
6. Assume you work as a service manager for big telecom organisation with offices in metro and regional areas. List what would you do to implement Work Health and Safety (WHS) procedures in your workplace according to Government Law and legislation.
Write answers below:
7. Mini Case Scenario: You work in a busy restaurant as the shift manager. A customer has spilled a drink on the floor of your store, what do you do?
Write answer below:
8. Mini Case scenario: You work in a fashion retail store in CBD. An emergency situation has occurred (a customer just collapsed). Which person at your workplace will you seek help from and how?
Write answer below:
9. Mini Case scenario: You are being appointed as the site manager for a housing construction for a customer. Describe the reasons for implementing the use of protective clothing (e.g. hard hat, chef uniform or hearing protection) and use an example to explain importance.
Write answer below:
10. Assume you are the campus manager of this college. You need to form a Work Health and Safety (WHS) committee. How would you form this committee?
Write answer below:
List five (5) responsibilities of your Work Health and Safety (WHS) committee.

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